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Founded in 1986, Aurora Optics, Inc., is an engineering company specializing in state of the art solutions to measurement and communication problems using fiber optics. Its areas of expertise include fusion splicers, fiber optic sensors, connectors, splices, cable assemblies, and optoelectronic systems.

Aurora Optics provides comprehensive tech support for Aurora and Orionics fiber optic fusion splicers, including the models MiniMod, Altima X, Fusion 4000, Fusion 3500, Fusion 3000, Fusion 2500, FW312, and Fase II. This includes service and repair, calibration, spare parts, and training.

We also design and build custom solutions and products based on Aurora/Orionics fusion splicing product line. Examples include high performance fiber cable repair/restoration, precision fiber alignment systems, fiber scanning, high voltage fiber end shaping and conditioning, fiber cleaning, and fiber imaging.

About Us

Aurora Optics and state-of-the-art fiber optic technology are synonymous. Founded in 1986, Aurora Optics delivers fast, cost-effective results in the design, development, and manufacture of fiber optic connectors, splices, and other components and systems for your specific optical, electrical, and mechanical requirements. Aurora Optics is geared to assist you in any or all phases of your component or system design, including brainstorming, project scope and budget, contract research and development, performance and environmental testing, compliance documentation, publishing, and intellectual property protection.

At Aurora Optics we travel light. Without red tape or expensive overhead, our talented people give you almost speed-of-light response . . . a bright, customized answer that is also light on your budget.